Avid Dancer: 1st Bath

Jacob Summers sure knows his way around a vocal hook. Under his band name Avid Dancer, he is about to release his debut album and reveal this talent to the world. But it is hardly his only musical skill. He's also a drumline champion from back in his Marines days. But he's a working musician now, and it is just another talent that helps make 1st Bath one of the best debut albums of the year.

Songs like "All Your Words Are Gone" and "Not Far to Go" chug along like a more optimistic, sun-dappled version of the Velvet Underground, with Summers' angelic voice offering the kind of soothing advice that only a guy who has been through it all himself already can give. It's a comforting record that thrives more on guileless pop sensibilities than flashy production or trendy sounds. And oh, those vocal hooks...!

-Eric J. Lawrence


  1. All The Other Girls
  2. Stop Playing With My Heart
  3. All Your Words Are Gone
  4. I Told You So
  5. Not Far To Go
  6. All The Things You Keep
  7. Medication
  8. I Want To See You Dance
  9. Whatever's On Your Mind
  10. Nobody Else
  11. Why Did I Leave You Behind
  12. Up Against A Wall

Banner Image Credit: Cara Robbins