Band of Horses: Infinite Arms

bandofhorsesCOVER115x115.jpgSuper Saver may have been the winning Thoroughbred at this month’s Kentucky Derby, but here at KCRW we have our money on a different breed.  Like a thundering herd of wild mustangs, the Seattle-bred, South Carolina-based quintet Band of Horses return with their third album of twangy indie-rock, titled Infinite Arms.  Now part of the Columbia stable of artists, they trot out another batch of rousing songs that are full of their trademark hooks and leader Ben Bridwell’s yearning vocals.  From the soaring opener, “Factory,” to the folk and country-flavored gems “Evening Kitchen” and “Older,” to the storming rockers “Laredo” and “Northwest Apartment,” Band of Horses’ latest album is well worth saddling up to.
Official artist website:

 Infinite Arms will be available for purchase May 18, 2010. Pre-Order the album here.

Infinite Arms will be available on-demand May 10 - May 30, 2010

Track listing
1.   Factory
2.   Compliments
3.   Laredo
4.   Blue Beard
5.   On My Way Back Home
6.   Infinite Arms
7.   Dilly
8.   Evening Kitchen
9.   Older
10.  For Annabelle
11.  NW Apt.
12.  Neighbor