Barbarossa: Imager

The one-man-band project from James Mathé, Barbarossa return with a third album of soulful electronic laments. Having spent significant time with José González, both as a touring member of his band as well as Junip (and who returns the favor by guesting on the new album), Mathé surely has picked up some savvy songwriting tips from his pal, marrying Moby-esque electro-pop soundscapes to González-like understated, yet heartfelt vocals. It is a nifty combination, exemplified by tracks like "Dark Hopes," "The Wall," and the title cut. They're suitable for swaying on the dance floor or crying in your pillow. Or just plain old listening time, savoring a smartly produced slice of modern pop.

-Eric J. Lawrence


  1. Imager
  2. Home
  3. Solid Soul
  4. Settle
  5. Nevada
  6. Dark Hopes
  7. Silent Island
  8. Muted
  9. Human Feel
  10. The Wall