Belleruche: 270 Stories

cover.jpgVery few bands can manage to create soul, house, dance rhythms, jazzy compositions, and electronic tracks while still carrying credibility the way London-based trio Belleruche does.  Whether it’s band member DJ Modest taking a sloppy break beat or Ricky Fabulous summoning the spirit of the south on guitar, the instrumentation is always crisp and clean with the accompaniment of the soft and lush vocals of Kathrin Deboer.
I first came across Belleruche when I encountered one of their limited 7” records. I was drawn to the art work.  Simple minimal graphics with the name Belleruche written in eye-catching red.  Whenever a band releases a 7” on vinyl, as a DJ you understand that this must be some serious music from some serious music makers who still believe in vinyl.

The track I laid the needle on was “Bird Mess” and I was instantly drawn to the horns, the drum break and the floaty vocals.  Ever since, I’ve been hooked on Belleruche.
On the new album 270 Stories, their third full-length release, tracks like "Bobby" drift away from the samples and horns of the early Belleruche and take you into the future of minimalism.  “Cat in A Dog Suit” channels the starkness of vintage Portishead and perfectly captures Belleruche’s self-styled brand of handmade hip-hop blues soul.  The band’s recent b-side cover of The English Beat’s “Mirror In The Bathroom” has gained much attention, and was one of the tracks that struck both myself and KCRW DJ Chris Douridas with its amazingly catchy reinterpretation, dub feel and heavy plucked bass line.  To this day the band has not stopped exploring various genres of music. They continue to grow and capture the beauty of music in a way that is not only unique but fitting to any atmosphere.

-- Anthony Valadez, KCRW Music Host and DJ

270 Stories will be available On-Demand from October 4 through November 2, 2010. The album will be released October 12, 2010.

Artist website:
Track listing
1. Fuzz Face
2. Tired Robot
3. Bobby
4. 3 Amp Fuse
5. Cat In a Dog Suit
6. You Me Us Them
7. Shudder & Cry
8. Clockwatching
9. Ginger Wine
10. Gold Rush
11. Churro

Belleruche: Turntable Soul Stories, Mixed by KCRW DJ Anthony Valadez

Recently my fan status was discovered by Belleruche's record label and I was granted a fantastic opportunity to create a DJ mix blending favorite tracks from Belleruche's catalogue of music.  Basically I was allowed to pick any tracks I wanted and mix them together to create DJ sampler that highlights some of their best work. It was an exciting but daunting opportunity to pick and choose tracks from a band I seriously admire, but I selected songs that were some of my personal favorites and spoke to me. The result is a 49-minute mix called Turntable Soul Stories.  You can stream this exclusive mix below in addition to their new album.
Belleruche Megamix (Turntable Soul Stories) by anthonyvaladez