Boozoo Bajou: 4

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Delicacy is something of a rare commodity in the electronic music world these days.  People seem more interested in making “bangers,” designed for upping the perspiration levels on club dancefloors across the globe.  But Boozoo Bajou have never been your usual electronic music producers. For over a dozen years, the duo of Peter Heider & Florian Seyberth have tackled a wide range of flavors, from Latin beats, dub and trip-hop to meditative, downtempo gems. But don’t peg them as merely masters of “chillout,” as they blanch at the term.  What they make these days is more akin to the heady ambient music of Brian Eno or Jon Hassell, as exemplified by their latest album, 4.

Acoustic instrumentation, from mournful flugelhorn lines to the evocative tinkling of the mbira thumb piano, blend with Boozoo’s luscious electronic backdrops, giving a true sense of landscape to their songs. This is not a dance record, but a headphone masterpiece, with subtlety, sophistication &, yes, delicacy found in every track, and with enough hints of their past work to declare it as being nothing less than a Boozoo Bajou record.

-Eric J. Lawrence

Track List:

1. Jan Mayen
2. Phoetrick
3. Kodiak
4. Utsira
5. Der Kran
6. Hirta
7. Stufen-Spitzbergen
8. S.A.E.
9. Your Weak Fire
10. Tiefdruck-Hochdruck

Photo courtesy of the artist