Brett: Mode

Dream imagery runs throughout LA-by-way-of-Washington D.C. band Brett’s sophomore album, Mode. Before the one-minute mark of opener, “Les Hombres,” songwriter/lead vocalist Mick Coogan sings the line, “By the way I saw your silhouette it was walking through my dream, I swear I found you in another life…” Even before we hear this line though, it’s clear that the soundscape that Brett have created on this new record exists as a portal to a different reality; a reality that is far more beautiful than the one we currently operate within.

That’s not to say that this record isn’t engaging with some pretty heavy subject matter - Coogan mentions being inspired by a particular quote from Jean-Luc Godard’s recent film, Goodbye to Language: “For women it’s only sex and death, for men it’s only infinity and zeroes.” He speaks of trying to unpack the complicated feelings that quote brings up. It’s clear that he’s doing just that throughout the record. He reflects not just on gender differences that make interpersonal connection so difficult, but the infuriatingly abstract concept of existence in general. No wonder more than half of the record seems to find him longing to escape into the dream world. as it is often an infinitely more pleasurable place to be. Adding to this sense of other worldliness on Mode is the fact that every element is executed with a positively thrilling level of assuredness. The guitars shimmer, the melodies embed themselves immediately inside your brain, and the astute, bittersweet lyrics will keep you in this world long after the record has stopped spinning.

-Marion Hodges