Cayucas: Bigfoot

nullCayucas is the SoCal indie rock band with the earworm melodies, a percussive drive and a slight island lilt that we here at KCRW have been savoring for the past couple of months, with such gems as “High School Lover.”  Their inaugural record, Bigfoot, finally makes its official debut this week, and it truly is a debut, with the band having virtually no prior profile and only a handful of live gigs under their belt.  But it is clearly the product of leader Zach Yudin’s close study of the unfussy side of pop music.

Seemingly inspired by the beach bum vibe of the central California town from which they take their name (with a slight vowal alteration), Yudin and his mates make music that effortlessly bounces along with minimal care, being catchy without becoming ingratiating.  They are aided by likeminded musician and producer (and sometime Shin) Richard Swift, who invests the band’s infectiousness with the perfect amount of nonchalance.  Like Haircut 100 without the swooning heartthrob vocals, or the Beach Boys without the family drama (although Zach’s brother Ben is an official member, so give them time), Cayucas have made a solid introduction to their world, one that feels as familiar, as inevitable and as welcome as a sunny summer day.

- Eric J. Lawrence

Bigfoot comes out Tuesday, April 30. Alongside that, the band will be doing an in-store at Origami Records on Tuesday Apr 30 at 7:00. They will be joined by The Ice Cream Man! He'll be parked outside Origami handing out free delicious treats and playing Bigfoot from his magical, free-ice-cream-filled truck. 

And, of course, Cayucas will also be at KCRW for Morning Becomes Eclectic on May 7th, and headlining the Echo May 9!

Track List:

1. Cayucos
2. High School Lover
3. Will "The Thrill"
4. A Summer Thing
5. East Coast Grill
6. Deep Sea
7. Ayawa 'kya
8. Bigfoot


Banner Photo by Cara Robbins