Chulius & the Filarmonicos: Shorts & Sandals

Hot on the heels of Latin Grammy Award-winning Venezuelan party band Los Amigos Invisibles’ 8th full-length album released earlier this year, lead singer Julio Briceño mixes up the flow with Shorts & Sandals, a new solo project released under the name Chulius & the Filarmonicos. He doesn’t do anything too radically different from the classic LAI sound – it is already a wonderfully manic collision of catchy tunes, electronic club beats and rich Latin rhythms in no danger of being creatively exhausted.

If anything the Chulius record is more focused on the funky side of things, with colorful analog synth burbles and bouncy bass lines. And most of the singing is done in English, which might help expand the fanbase even further. But longtime fans won’t likely be taken aback with the record, which features guest spots from Miami-based labelmates Elastic Bond, Venezuelan IDM producer Nuuro, Gil Cerezo from Mexican electro-pop favorites Kinky and other luminaries from the Latin Alternative world. It’s just a fresh take on what LAI already do so well.


Track List:

1. Some Love (feat. Elastic Bond)
2. Zona Rosa (feat. Béliva)
3. Don't
4. Dreams & Sounds (feat. Nuuro)
5. Will Be
6. Click
7. Leita (feat. Gil Cerezo & Sasha Bubblegum)
8. Bring It On (feat. Divagash)
9. The Sound
10. Mine, Mine
11. Saturday
12. Don't II