Corinne Bailey Rae: The Sea

COVER copy.jpgOn the follow-up to her Grammy nominated debut album, UK songstress Corinne Bailey Rae reemerges after a four-year break with an extraordinarily intimate and impassioned record.  The Sea was recorded following one of the darkest times in Corinne’s life, after the sudden death of her husband in 2008.  Corinne’s voice, always expressive and soulful, resonates with a poignant and newfound depth on the new tracks. Loss and grief are recurring themes yet a sense of beauty and wonder ultimately radiates from the album’s dark corners.

“There is something miraculous that pushes you along, makes you keep going, makes you carry on. It’s really about the mystery of that. In fact, the whole album is about that in a way; it’s about loss but it’s also about hope, about keeping going and trying to find that beauty,” explained Corinne in an interview with the U.K.’s Observer Music Monthly.

For The Sea Corinne brought together a new band of musicians but she returned to working with producers Steve Brown and Steve Chrisanthou who produced many of the songs on her self-titled debut.  The collaboration seems to work splendidly once more, as Corinne’s voice delicately explores some of the most vulnerable emotions of love and loss in an honest and beautiful collection of songs.

The Sea will be available on-demand January 18 through February 16, 2010


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1. Are You Here

2. I'd Do It All Again

3. Feels Like The First Time

4. The Blackest Lily

5. Closer

6. Love Is On Its Way

7. I'd Like To Call It Beauty

8. Paris Nights And New York Mornings

9. Paper Dolls

10. Diving For Hearts

11. The Sea