Diego Garcia: Laura

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cover.jpgI’ve been waiting for the Diego Garcia record since I first heard a couple of tracks last September.  “You Were Never There” and “Stay” were staples of my playlists all fall and winter.  Now, finally, we have the whole album and it’s this wonderful amalgamation of Diego’s Argentine heritage, 70’s AM pop radio, and the dusty sounds of dreams.

Diego used to front the garage rock band Elefant, so when I heard the romantic, dreamy sounds of his new album, Laura, I was surprised.  I had to find out who Laura was as I assumed she was the centerpiece of the work.  It didn’t take long to discover that she is his beloved wife (there is a gorgeous spread of their life and home at vogue.com.

Every song on this album is a song I want sung to me by a handsome man strumming a guitar.  The album is about love and loss of love and getting that love back.  Diego pays homage, by his own account, to great Latin romantics like Julio Iglesias and Sandro.  To my ear though, the record has a distinctly American quality too.  He grew up and went to school here and was as influenced by 70’s singer songwriters as much as anyone his age.

After listening to the album, the one thing I can say with certainty is that “Laura” is one lucky girl.

-- Anne Litt, KCRW Music Host
Laura will be available to stream on demand from March 28 through April 26th, 2011 and will be released on iTunes Tuesday, April 5, 2011.
Artist website: http://diegogarciamusic.com

Track listing             
1. Inside My Heart          
2. You Were Never There            
3. Nothing to Hide
4. Roses and Wine
5. Separate Lives
6. Laura             
7. Under This Spell          
8. Stay 
9. All Eyes on You





Anne Litt