DJ Shadow: The Less You Know, The Better

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On his latest effort, The Less You Know The Better, DJ Producer Josh Davis, better known as DJ Shadow revolves into the familiar position as left-field hip hop shaman and sampladelic weaver of gritty, mystic tales of the every day. Recalling much of his early work with a refined slant that demonstrates the maturity of modern manhood, the collection of new tracks has a beginning, middle, and end - think epic film score, without the film.
It is not hyberbole to call DJ Shadow a Sonic Merlin.  He is known and revered for his buoyant beats, hypnotic loops, and dark textural expanses, and he leads listeners to places where a night light, and even sunlight can be glimpsed this time around. At the end of the roller coaster is found intense energy and mellow introspection. Highlights on the new record include collaborations with vocalists like Yukimi Nagano of Little Dragon, Pos D'nous of De La Soul, Tom Vek, and Talib Kweli.
-- Garth Trinidad, KCRW Music Host
The Less You Know The Better will be available to stream on demand from September 26 through October 25, 2011. The album will be released on Tuesday, October 4, 2011.
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Track listing
1. Back To Front (Circular Logic)
2. Border Crossing
3. Stay The Course (featuring Posdnuos and Talib Kweli)
4. I've Been Trying
5. Sad And Lonely
6. Warning Call (featuring Tom Vek)
7. Tedium
8. Enemy Lines
9. Going Nowhere
10. Redeemed
11. Run For Your Life
12. Give Me Back The Nights
13. I Gotta Rokk
14. Scale It Back (featuring Little Dragon)
15. Circular Logic (Front To Back)
16. (Not So) Sad And Lonely [Bonus Track]