Don Cavalli: Temperamental


From his name to his sound, there isn't anything particularly French-sounding about Paris-based artist Don Cavalli. With his latest release, Temperamental, Cavalli builds upon the unique template he established with his criminally overlooked domestic debut, Cryland (one of my favorite albums of all-time, fwiw). Cavalli manages to pull off the nifty trick of sounding familiar, yet completely fresh at the same time with a sound that exists somewhere at the nexus of swamp blues, wah wah funk, bubblegum pop, and psychedelic rock.

I can't recommend this album enough and I'm super stoked that we're offering Temperamental as part of KCRW's Album Preview series. Enjoy!

-Travis Holcombe

Track List:

01. Temperamental
02. Garden of Love
03. Me and My Baby
04. Santa Rita
05. Gonna Love You
06. The Greatest
07. Voice of the Voiceless
08. Feel Not Welcome
09. You and My Zundapp
10. Birthday Suit
11. Say Little Girl
12. Row My Boat