Electric Wire Hustle: Love Can Prevail

If you need some wires to be hustled, this Wellington, New Zealand-based music production duo is the one to get, ‘cause they are powered by electricity! It’s the kind of electricity that has made fans across the globe, from UK tastemaker Gilles Peterson to KCRW’s own Anthony Valadez and Aaron Byrd, both who cited Electric Wire Hustle’s debut as their favorite release of 2009. Nearly half a decade later, they are back with another batch of mutant electro-soul that combines the ease of 70s yacht rock with 80s-era R&B passion and a 21st century ambiance. Their lyrics take inspiration from the album’s title, Love Can Prevail, to offer up impassioned pleas for togetherness (mostly of the romantic variety). Songs like “If These Are the Last Days” & “Look in the Sky” have echoes of Marvin Gaye’s ability to switch between outright sexiness and a higher consciousness, while the near-instrumental “Light Goes a Long Way” almost veers into progressive rock territory, with its angular synth lines and busy drumming. Like their fellow countrymen Fat Freddy’s Drop, Electric Wire Hustle are defying expectations of what kinds of music to expect from their region of the globe.

-Eric J. Lawrence

Track List:

1. If These Are The Last Days
2. Loveless
3. By & Bye
4. Bottom Line
5. The Spirit
6. Look In The Sky
7. Light Goes A Long Way
8. To See You Again
9. Blackwater
10. Numbers And Steel

Photo courtesy of the artist