Empresarios: The Vibes

DC-based Latin-flavored party band Empresarios return with another dose of dance-floor ready world-beat jams on their new album, The Vibes. As in the past, this seven-piece musical machine pumps out track after track of an organic mix of reggae and salsa, set to a dubby beat and some slick Spanish rhymin'.

Joined by Miami-based Colombian rapper Ephniko and fellow DC residents Orquestra Salsaley, Empresarios truly bring the vibes on this new one, starting things off in fine fashion with "Nu Amos a Parar," complete with a bouncy guitar-line, pulsing organs and all the regular trademarks of their seductive sound. The album continues with nods to their predecessors on tracks like "Salsoul," as well as modern takes on classic genres, such as on the instrumental, "Rootsy Jam." By the time the record ends, if your feel haven't begun to move, you need to have your own vibes checked! But don't just take my word for it - stream it yourself and see!

Eric J. Lawrence


1. No Vamos A Parar
2. Morena
3. A Fuego Lento
4. The Vibes
5. Encanto
6. Pa' La Calle
7. Salsoul
8. Placeres
9. Rootsy Jam
10. Alegria