Falty DL: Hardcourage

-- By KCRW Music Librarian and Host, Eric J. Lawrence

Contemporary electronic music, in all of its numerous shadings, is the most fickle of genres.  Arguments over what to call it (EDM, garage, skweee, wonky, etc.) often gets more digital ink than critiques of the actual music itself.  And whatever subgenre is hot at the moment (i.e. “dubstep”) already has a reactionary subgenre with a name that merely uses the prefix “post” in front of it (i.e. “post-dubstep”).  Ultimately it makes a convincing argument for the definition of the best electronic music as being merely “what sounds good.”

These days Ninja Tune has been one of the most reliable of labels for electronic music that “sounds good.”  And their latest signing, NYC-based producer Drew Lustman, working under the name FaltyDL, is a good example of Ninja Tune’s magic touch.  Having made a name for himself with a number of releases for Planet Mu (another label with a stellar track record), FaltyDL steps up with his most definitive statement yet.  With a nod to the downtempo sounds of yesteryear, he strings along a blissful vibe over the course of ten mostly-instrumental tracks.  Check it out here and see if it “sounds good” to you too!

Hardcourage will be available to stream on demand from Monday, February 4th through February 11, 2013.