Field Music: Measure

ap1002115Field_Music_MeasureCOVER115x115.jpgHailing from the English burg of Sunderland, Field Music return after a three year hiatus with a new 20 track album of British art rock.  After two previous critically-acclaimed albums in 2006 & 2007, brothers and co-front men David and Peter Brewis took a break in 2008 to recharge their batteries with their respective solo projects, released under the names of School of Language and The Week That Was.  This year they reconvene to release a masterpiece of pastoral power pop, full of echoes of a wide-range of artists such as XTC, Genesis, Fleetwood Mac, The Blue Nile and The Penguin Café Orchestra.  Heady but never pretentious, their song-craft soars over a double-album’s worth of catchy riffs, circular rhythms and melodious vocals. Measure will be released and available for purchase on February 16.
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Measure will be available on-demand February 15 through March 15, 2010
Track listing
1. In The Mirror
2. Them That Do Nothing
3. Each Time Is A New Time
4. Measure
5. Effortlessly
6. Clear Water
7. Lights Up
8. All You'd Ever Need To Say
9. Let's Write A Book
10. You And I
11. Rest Is Noise, The
12. Curves Of The Needle
13. Choosing Numbers
14. Wheels Are In Place, The
15. First Come The Wish
16. Precious Plans
17. See You Later
18. Something Familiar
19. Share The Words
20. It's About Time