Frazey Ford: Obadiah

cover.jpgFor Obadiah, her solo debut, British Columbia-based singer/songwriter Frazey Ford has kept it in the family, so to speak.  Trish Klein, her longtime bandmate from The Be Good Tanyas (the group Frazey had played in for the past decade), plays electric guitar on the record, while her next-door neighbor Caroline Ballhorn sings on a couple of tracks.  Even Frazey’s landlord got in on the action, playing keyboards on the playful track, “Like You Better.”  This down-home sensibility is clearly evident throughout Obadiah, which revels in its intimate, hand-crafted feel.
By definition solo albums generally reflect a more personal statement than a band’s collective efforts can, and Frazey Ford’s new release is no exception.  While The Be Good Tanyas’ records have garnered much acclaim for their folksy charm, Obadiah takes it up a notch, imbued with a spirit of soul, blues and even gospel sounds.  The folk influence is still front and center though, as Frazey herself admits that the record is “moved by motherhood, earth and land.”  And the freedom of crafting a solo album is echoed in the subtle, natural feeling to the CD, much like classic recordings from artists such as Al Green and Neil Young.
From the rootsy opening cut, “Firecracker,” to the soulful flavor of “The Gospel Song” and the lightly tropical feel of “Bird of Paradise,” Frazey Ford has reintroduced herself with her stunning new album.  Explore it yourself as our latest Album Preview.

Obadiah will be available on-demand July 12 - August 10, 2010. The CD will be released Tuesday, July 20, 2010

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Track listing
1. Firecracker
2. Lay Down With You
3. Bird Of Paradise
4. If You Gonna Go
5. Blue Streak Mama
6. Lost Together
7. I Like You Better
8. Hey Little Mama
9. The Gospel Song
10. Goin' Over
11. Half In
12. One More Cup of Coffee
13. Mimi Song