French Horn Rebellion: Foolin' Around EP & Remixes

French Horn Rebellion is about having fun, spreading joy, and saying “hey, it’s OK if you’re weird.” FHR’s big bass, brass and drum indie-dance vibes bring droves of hipsters to the party while the band's hooky choruses, quirky and engaging musical elements attract band geeks and marching punks the world over! Robert, former member of the Chicago Civic Orchestra, and David, a producer of critic’s darling MGMT and multiple soundtracks, combine their Brooklyn-based brotherly talents and vision to make a truly distinct and modern wall of sound. Fans can call it French Horn Rebellion's special brand of indie-funk with a reverent pop twist. You could call it “indietronica” or “alt dance,” They’ve simply dubbed it “Next Jack Swing.”

  1. Play Your Part (feat. Spencer Ludwig)
  2. Classical Baby
  3. Foolin' Around
  4. Feel The Music
  5. Let Me In
  6. Won You Over
  7. RPM's Jam
  8. Feel The Music [Majestique Remix]
  9. Foolin' Around [That's Nice Remix]
  10. Let Me In [Fake Money Remix]
  11. Play Your Part (feat. Spencer Ludwig) [LEFTI Remix]
  12. Won You Over [Jamie de Von Remix]
  13. Classical Baby [Robert DeLong Remix]
  14. Feel The Music [John "J-C" Carr Re-Edit]
  15. Won You Over [John "J-C" Carr x Peace Biscuit Re-Edit]