Gavin Turek and TOKiMONSTA: You're Invited

Musical collaborations are always fascinating to hear, as they usually reveal hitherto unknown facets of an artist's own style. And when they've been long in the making between two artists who have a history of mutual appreciation and friendship, the pleasure of hearing their joy in finally getting to work together tends to be infectious, as is the case with two of our favorite local talents who have made the plunge.

Singer/songwriter Gavin Turek has been making fun, disco-soul for the past few years, including a recent single remixed by local DJ/producer TOKiMONSTA, who has also featured Turek on her own tracks through the years. Their first official collaborative release, You're Invited, gives each lady a chance to explore some different flavors, as TOKiMONSTA presents a more open sonic landscape for Turek's tuneful vocals, while Turek's presence lends a more traditional pop shape to TOKi's Brainfeeder-inspired bed of progressive beats. Greater than the sum of its parts, which is always the goal with such collaborations, You're Invited is truly an inviting combination.

-Eric J. Lawrence


1. Hemisphere

2. Surrender

3. Grace

4. You're Invited

5. Once Was Love

6. Never Alone

7. Breath Strokes