Golden Daze: Golden Daze

We are truly living in an era that feels like golden days for the LA indie scene. There has never been such a wide range of musical flavors presented and supported in the local clubs, from the scuzziest rock skronk to blissed-out ambient electronic hazes and everything in between. And melody is also a big part of the new scene, as exemplified by the appropriately-titled band Golden Daze.

The Midwestern duo of Ben Schwab and Jacob Loeb transplanted themselves in the heart of this nurturing musical community and have offered up one of the strongest collections of melodic, guitar-driven, lite-psychedelia to have emerged from these parts in some time. Unencumbered by an overload of bells and whistles or a slavish mimicking of retro glories, their self-titled debut is full of tunes that alternately float and lope along with ease, with memorable hooks and a pleasantly simple, yet stirring disposition. For fans of Woods, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Cass McCombs and the Licorice Root Orchestra.

-Eric J. Lawrence