Golden Rules: Golden Ticket

South London-based producer Paul White and Florida-based vocalist Eric Biddines are Golden Rules, whose debut album of soulful, psychedelic hip-hop is the latest transatlantic project to catch our ears. And when I say "our ears," I mean the ears of a bunch of our DJs. Here's what Travis Holcombe has to say about their album, Golden Ticket:

"Paul White is one of the most exciting and innovative producers around, so any project he's involved with gets an automatic listen from me. I wasn't familiar with Eric Biddines before this release, but his southern drawl and sing song flow reminded me of Andre 3000 in the best ways possible. Together they form a mean team, and with Golden Ticket they've crafted one of the best hip hop (and thus far, one of the most slept-on) albums of 2015."

Karene Daniel is a little more succinct: "Feel good, soulful rap that's both surprising and cheeky - one of my favorites of the year!"

Enjoy our stream of their full album and you too might start singing their praises!

-Eric J. Lawrence