Haroula Rose: Here the Blue River

The LA-based artist has each foot firmly planted in the film & music worlds, having served as a producer on the award-winning 2013 film, Fruitvale Station, as well as having contributed music to numerous TV shows, from "How I Met Your Mother" to "American Horror Story, not to mention her own recordings spread over a previous album, a pair of EPs and assorted singles.  But Here the Blue River represents a strong step forward with her music career, matching intelligent and personal songcraft with savvy folk-rock touches and detail-work that resemble that of Suzanne Vega & Laura Veirs.
On this new record, she takes particular inspiration from literary sources, from Ralph Waldo Emerson, Pablo Neruda & Bonnie Jo Campell, to tales from her family's Greek background.  Rose says: "Making this record was an adventure, a journey that took several cities and collaborators over time.  It was a fun and interesting journey evolving from my former album.  I wanted it to feel cinematic and for people listening to it to be able to take a trip themselves while hearing it, so there's a lot of space to do that I hope.  It was inspired by a lot of books I was reading, meditations on growing up and becoming more of who we are as we move along in life, and onward towards whatever comes thereafter."
Photo Credit: Javiera Estrada