Holy Fuck: Congrats

If you're going to include a profanity in your band name, you probably are aiming to be at least somewhat provocative. It can be a little difficult to announce them on the US airwaves, but hey, that our problem to work out. But possibly more important to consider, "holy fuck!" is also a fairly extreme, but not uncommon interjection, usually uttered when one encounters something particularly awe-inspiring. Canadian noisemakers Holy Fuck take this second factor to heart, having pushed the boundaries of electronic pop throughout their decade-plus of work.

But it has been a number of years since an official release from the band has been released (with members keeping occupied with assorted production work), so the arrival of Congrats, their fourth full-length album, comes both as somewhat of a surprise and a revelation. Working in a proper recording studio with a streamlined array of equipment has led them to create their most cogent release to date, forming driving, rhythmic tracks that chug along in a perfectly groovable fashion, all the while keeping the anarchic flavor that warrants the use of the expletive in their name. For fans of Ratatat and Animal Collective.



  1. Chimes Broken
  2. Tom Tom
  3. Shivering
  4. Neon Dad
  5. House of Glass
  6. Sabbatics
  7. Shimmering
  8. Acidic
  9. Caught Up