Jesca Hoop: Hunting My Dress

at100719hoop-cover.jpgSinger-songwriter Jesca Hoop has been blessed with some good connections.  Tom Waits served as an early mentor (Jesca worked as a nanny for Tom’s kids), who helped land a copy of her demo into KCRW’s own Nic Harcourt’s listening pile in 2003.  She quickly became a “Morning Becomes Eclectic” favorite, which in turn led to a record deal, with her debut album, Kismet, hitting stores in 2007.  She recently moved to Manchester, England, in part inspired by Guy Garvey of the UK band Elbow, one of her biggest fans.  And now her sophomore release, Hunting My Dress, initially released in the UK at the end of last year, is getting an official domestic release courtesy of Vanguard Records.

But connections only get you so far.  You’ve got to have talent too, which Jesca has in spades, as evidenced by a slew of terrific reviews for Hunting My Dress.  Her off-kilter vocals combine with rootsy, avant-rock songs in a distinctive mix on songs such as “Four Dreams,” “Angel Mom” and the title cut, all heard on KCRW over the past 8 months.  Now, on its domestic release, Hunting My Dress features a bonus EP of rarities, including an early demo, a B-side and “Wintersong,” her collaboration with local artist Blake Mills, for an even fuller listening experience.

Hunting My Dress will be available on-demand July 19 - August 17, 2010. The CD will be released Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Artist webpage:

Track listing
1. Whispering Light
2. The Kingdom
3. Feast of The Heart
4. Angel Mom
5. Four Dreams
6. Murder of Birds
7. Bed Across The Sea
8. Tulip
9. Hunting My Dress

Bonus CD tracks
1. Enemy
2. Intelligentactile 101
3. Silverscreen
4. My Boo
5. Wintersong


Photo: Laura Guy