Leftover Cuties: The Spark & The Fire

nullLeftover Cuties have been one of LA’s secret musical weapons of the past couple of years. The quartet play a vaguely retro version of darkly-tinged jazz-pop that travels along similar paths as Pink Martini and the Peach Kings. By that I mean they play ukuleles, accordions, upright bass and the like, with a vibe that sounds tailor-made for a Prohibition-era speakeasy. But that makes them no less contemporary in their pursuit of the heights of the melting pot that is the current music scene where new & old influences work together.

Their sophomore album, The Spark & the Fire, further refines their sonic aesthetic to be easily accessible even to those not expecting or even searching for vintage sounds. We’re just talking about classic pop song structures on songs like “One Heart,” “I’ve Been Waiting” or the She & Him-like “All That Love” that should appeal to any discriminating listener. And then there are those tunes that will tickle the nostalgia button, such as the jump jivey “If Only It Could Be” or the Spector-esque (minus the Wall of Sound production) “What the Matter?” But it all shapes up to be a nifty progressive modern pop album, with thoughtful arrangements, catchy tunes, and singer Shirli McAllen’s sultry croon standing proud above it all.


Track List:

01. Thick And Thin
02. One Heart
03. Once Again
04. Clarity
05. If Only It Could Be
06. All That Love
07. What's The Matter
08. Blind Man
09. Rise And Shine
10. Shame
11. Everyone
12. I've Been Waiting