Local Natives: Gorilla Manor

COVER115x115.jpgSilverlake’s Local Natives created waves at SXSW in 2009 when they performed as an unsigned act. The band drove for two days to get from Los Angeles to Austin in order to play nine spectacular shows that saw them sprinting, instruments in hand, from one gig to the next. Their hectic schedule paid off as Local Natives left Austin with the attention of the music industry. On their debut album Gorilla Manor the indie rock band delivers a gorgeous record that transcends any single genre. The music boasts soaring, sky-scraping harmonies, complex absorbing melodies, and throbbing beats that lovingly bash their way into your soul. It’s big music, but with an intimacy that draws you close. In making the album Local Natives approached everything as a collaboration -- from song writing duties to the band’s self produced artwork. The record features twelve sumptuous tracks, kicking off with the moody “Wide Eyes” and meandering its way through dreamy orchestral peaks & valleys. There’s a fantastic cover in the mix too, a barely recognizable version of Talking Heads’ “Warning Sign.” Plunge in and stay a while. Gorilla Manor is a nice place to hang your hat.

Official Artist website: www.thelocalnatives.com/


Gorilla Manor will be available on-demand February 1 through March 2, 2010



01. Wide Eyes

02. Airplanes

03. Sun Hands

04. World News

05. Shape Shifter

06. Camera Talk

07. Cards & Quarters

08. Warning Sign

09. Who Knows, Who Cares

10. Cubism Dream

11. Stranger Things

12. Sticky Thread