Martin Crane: Physical Therapy

Brooklyn-by-way-of-Austin musician Martin Crane has been recording under the name of Brazos for a number of releases, but makes his official solo debut with Physical Therapy. Like the actual rehabilitation technique, Crane’s album relies on repetition to strengthen the melodic musculature of his dynamic pop songs. But, reminiscent of cult-favorite percussionist David Van Tieghem, Crane generates his rhythms from a variety of unexpected places, keeping things lively with sounds both organic and otherworldly.

“Gunk of Stars” aims for the heavens with its bright vocal hook, while “Gadesco” inspires with the melancholy of standing on an empty shore. The album came together by combining the best elements of a live performance of the songs with his sometimes Brazos bandmates with a demo version cobbled together at home, making for a record that retains the intimacy of a true solo record while allowing for big vistas and even bigger themes.

-Eric J. Lawrence


  1. Amanda's House
  2. Physical Therapy
  3. Modern World
  4. Gunk of Stars
  5. Gadesco
  6. Heaven Is A Dancer
  7. Lights Out
  8. Interlude
  9. Waterbed