Mexican Institute of Sound: Politico


Banner image: Valerie Miranda

-- By KCRW DJ Raul Campos

Camilo Lara, aka Mexican Institute of Sound, is a perfect depiction of musical evolution. This musical chameleon and his tunes have come far in such a short time.  From days of Cha Cha Cha to the new album Politico, his groundbreaking fusion of traditional Mexican music with a modern electronica sound is part of an immense musical movement growing out of Mexico and other parts of Latin America.  It's an honor to say we at KCRW have been championing this sound from its infancy. Personally speaking, I knew as a DJ and producer that it was a sound that would explode in worldwide popularity. Needless to say, I am super excited that there is a new MIS album on the horizon. 

The new album, Politico, will be hitting the stores on the heels of highly controversial presidential election and during immense turmoil in the country of Mexico.  It's without a doubt this socially conscious artist's recordings would be heavily influenced by the turbulent times in Mexican politics.  The video to the first single "Mexico" is a powerful depiction of the outcry during the massive demonstrations in Mexico City and nationwide.  And though the lyrics and messages behind the music on the new release are very poignant and thought provoking, Lara doesn't trek too far away from the catchy grooves that have gained him so much popularity over the years.  After all, the beatsy party atmosphere he creates in his music is what attracted me to his music to begin with.  I totally dig the entire release, but if I had to pick a couple favorites they would be "Es-toy" and "Se Baila Asi"

The highly prominent influences of classic cumbia and norteno music, British synth and electro pop, house and techno music, among many other genres, are what make his releases so interesting.  It's exciting when you can't pigeon hole new music into a particular genre.  He's a producer with his finger on the pulse and the music is a fantastic representation of what's becoming ever so popular at venues all over the world. I've seen Mexican Institute of Sound perform live many times over the years.  From small, intimate venues to jam-packed festivals like Vive Latino and Coachella.  It's a super addicting vibe that is so fun and if you ever get to the live show, you'll understand why.  So pop this one in the player and prepare to be dancing and grooving from beat one.

Politico is available to stream on demand from August 6 through August 13, 2012.