Milosh: Jetlag


We start 2014’s sure-to-be-killer roster of Album Preview titles with something familiar, yet something new. Milosh is the band name of Canadian artist Michael Milosh, who has released a number of acclaimed solo records in the past (most recently 2008’s iii), but he is probably most familiar as the otherworldly voice of Rhye, one of last year’s break-out releases. He returns to his own project, this time teaming up with his wife Alexa for a very personal record about their relationship & their travels. Having previously lived in Toronto, Berlin & Thailand and now settled in Los Angeles, Milosh appropriately titles the new album Jetlag, accounting for the voluminous frequent flyer miles he must have racked up, as well as representing the vulnerability and spaceyness that jetlag brings, which is not too dissimilar from the kind of dislocation true love brings with it as well. It’s ultimately a joyful summary of their life together with all its elements, musically represented by the diverse sounds ranging from ambient minimalist electronica to classical cello passages. It’s a trip worth taking & the perfect way to kick off the new year.


Track List:

1. Do You Want What I Need
2. Hear In You
3. Skipping
4. Don't Call It
5. Jetlag
6. Stakes Ain't High
7. Hold Me
8. Slow Down
9. Water
10. This Time

Photo by Alexa Nikolas/Courtesy of the artist