Mocky: Key Change

Mocky knows what's up. I say this not just because the Canadian-born artist (born Dominic Salole) has recently relocated to our fair city of Los Angeles, where he's become an essential part of the local music scene, working with the likes of fellow local scenesters Moses Sumney and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson. Or that he's shifted his sound from the electronic pulses representative of his time in Berlin to a more organic, soulful acoustic vibe, with a delicate sense of sonic space that cherishes every creak of studio furniture and ambient finger noise from the multitude of instruments utilized on new album, Key Change. Nor even that he's turned the heads of discriminating luminaries as KCRW's own Anthony Valadez, who calls the new album "magical" and "lushly layered with string and soul that would be perfect to accompany any sunset or sunrise."

No, Mocky knows what's up because he knows the value of whistling! He's even named a song of the new album, "Whistlin"! It is a skill he's mastered, making subtle but welcome appearances throughout Key Change (not to mention some additional lovely woodwind work as well). Spot them yourself by sampling the record, which we are proud to feature with its US streaming premiere.

-Eric J. Lawrence

Purchase tickets to Mocky's album release party on July 17th here.


  1. Upbeat Thing
  2. When Paulie Gets Mad
  3. Soulful Beat
  4. Weather Any Storm
  5. Whistlin
  6. Living in the Snow
  7. Late Night Jam
  8. Time Inflation (Message to R2)
  9. Tomorrow Maker
  10. Soulful Beat Reprise
  11. Head in the Clouds
  12. Hymne (For Murka)