Monika: Secret in the Dark

Greece may be in the news these days for political and economic reasons, but there are some other good reasons for the country to be on the mind of discriminating music fans. Singer/songwriter Monika is a key example - after a couple of acclaimed releases in her Greek homeland, she has ventured forth and made some solid connections in the US market. On a lark, she visited Dunham Sounds Studios in Brooklyn and quickly made a fan of Dap-Kings maven Homer Steinweiss. Agreeing to work together, Steinweiss and Monika put together a bright collection of low-key, danceable jams, with echoes of Kate Bush, Ariel Pink, and the Bee Gees. Bringing in a few more talented pals (engineer John Congleton, guest vocalist Andrew Wyatt), Monika makes her stateside debut one to remember.

-Eric J. Lawrence


  1. Intro
  2. Babyboy
  3. Shake Your Hands (feat. Andrew Wyatt)
  4. Secret In The Dark
  5. One More
  6. Lonely World
  7. We Came Into This World (To Beat Them)
  8. Give Us Wings
  9. Stripping
  10. Take Me With You
  11. Get Off My Way
  12. Gave You My Soul