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tu110513cover.jpgTowards the end of "Wake Up," a song off Motopony's astounding self-titled debut, singer Daniel Blue breaks from the atmosphere of his gently-sung delivery to speak the question "do you remember, kids?" It is a subtle yet startling moment, the kind of moment when you are headlong into a strange and beautiful dream and you suddenly stop to say aloud "this is just a dream," just before you venture further into your own impressionist panorama.
Motopony hails from Tacoma, Washington just outside of Seattle, an area that is experiencing a groundswell of interesting artists recently (Fleet Foxes, The Head & The Heart, Telekinesis, Cave Singers, et al). Their album is a masterful exercise in tone and mood, a blend of acoustic and indie pop, with vocals as delicate, soulful and penetrating as Iron & Wine and a palette as colorful as Devendra Banhart without the peculiarities (less freak, more folk).  Songs like "June," "Vetiver" and "Wait For Me" have a picturesque simplicity which builds and unfolds and the open spaces of the songs have a natural freedom to them.
That’s not to say all of Motopony is a picture-postcard from Mellow Grove.  "Seer" struts along with a bluesy bounce while "I Am My Body" exudes an Exile-era Stones southern-fried boogie.  But it all works together to paint a landscape that is not easy to find your way back from, breadcrumbs or not.  The very end of "Wake Up" proposes the words "it's time to wake up/from this dream."  I would just as soon stay deep in this dream, thank you very much.
-- Dan Wilcox, KCRW Music Host
Motopony will be available to stream on demand from May 16 through June 14, 2011. The album will be released on Tuesday, May 24, 2011.

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Track listing:
1. June
2. King of Diamonds
3. Seer
4. I Am My Body
5. Vetiver
6. Intro
7. God Damn Girl
8. Wait For Me
9. Wake Up
10. Euphoria





Dan Wilcox