Myron & E: Broadway

nullMyron & E made their live U.S. radio debut on Morning Becomes Eclectic, watch in HD or listen here.

I first got a glimpse of Myron & E about two years ago at SXSW. I was DJing prior to their performance and had no clue as to what to expect. These two gentlemen took to the stage and gave a small performance that was comforting, soulful and mellow like the Austin breeze. Fast forward to 2013, and these two crooners are now two-stepping, soul-clapping and putting smiles on folks’ faces with their latest release.

Myron & E have this wonderful ability to vocally play with one another with various tones. They also have the ability to make me mentally time travel. While watching them perform songs from their debut album, Broadway, during a live performance on MBE last week, the experience reminded me of when I was a kid playing with my action figures on the floor around Christmas time. I instantly visualized the 8-tracks and cassette tapes my mother had around the house from the Motown era. I could recall Al Green playing through the wooden speakers, all thanks to the falsettos and low end vocals of Myron & E! Stones Throw has struck gold once again!

- Anthony Valadez

Track List:

01. Turn Back
02. Broadway
03. If I Gave You My Love
04. Everyday Love
05. I Can't Let You Get Away
06. Cold Game
07. Do It Do It Disco
08. Back N Forth
09. Going In Circles
10. They Don't Know

Banner photo by William Perls