Natalia Clavier: Lumen


With a couple of albums on the ESL label under her belt, Argentine singer/songwriter Natalia Clavier makes her Nacional Records debut with Lumen.  Not straying too far from the template of her previous work, Clavier blends jazz and Latin flavors into an electronic and progressive pop setting that made her a favorite featured vocalist for Thievery Corporation’s acclaimed live shows and endeared her to label mate & frequent collaborator Federico Aubele (they are now partners in life as well as music).

On this new album, Clavier teams up with a new set of eclectic music-makers.  Grammy award-winner Adrian Quesada produces the record, bringing in his own band the Echocentrics on the track, “Adios!” which moves along with the exotic flair of an Ethiopian pop song or a Cambodian garage rocker.  Other guests include Ticklah and Ursula 1000, who add their own brand of magic to Clavier’s mid- to up-tempo tunes.  There are a few new tricks brought to the table, including singing in English on a number of tracks, but Natalia Clavier has become a reliable force in the world of global pop music, making any new collection a cause for celebration.

- Eric J. Lawrence

Track List:

01. Every Time
02. Trouble
03. El Tren
04. Volar
05. Adios!
06. Cantata
07. Into the Day
08. Lumen
09. Nada (feat. Ticklah)
10. Si Amor Llega
11. This Love
12. Ready Now