Nortec Collective Presents Clorofila: Corridos Urbanos

cover115.jpgClorofila is the stage name for Jorge Verdin, known for both his musical and graphic design contributions to Nortec Collective. On the new album Corridos Urbanos, Verdin collaborated with a variety of Tijuana-based tambora and norteño musicians on tuba, accordion, clarinet, and horn parts. He also sought out a different songwriting approach than past Nortec recordings.
“On this album, I wrote more songs on bass and guitar, as opposed to working on synths, as I had often done on previous Nortec tracks,” he says. “I also wanted to bring in other instruments I had never used before.”
The music is focused around nostalgic themes with inspiration drawn from across Verdin’s childhood growing up in Tijuana, ranging from the shop where he bought his first 45’s to a now defunct AM station that specialized in Norteño music, to a popular late 80's night spot that was considered a Tijuana rite of passage.  As almost a counterbalance, the idea of loss is also explored on the album with songs that address how Tijuana has become a much darker place. Like any good musical story the record takes you through a range of emotions but it’s probably the infectious beats and masterful mixes that are the album’s greatest appeal and make it nearly impossible to resist tapping a toe, bobbing your head and giving in to the mesmerizing sound of Clorofila’s dance floor.

Corridos Urbanos will be available on-demand April 4 through May 5, 2010

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1. Discoteca Nacional
2. Llantera
3. BabyRock Rock
4. Naked Ladies
5. Arriba El Novio
6. Nicole Ya No Baila Aqui
7. 4:15am
8. Eso Esperamos
9. Radio 80
10. El General
11. Bajo Sextoy
12. Babai