Oscar: Cut and Paste

West Londoner Oscar Scheller might be what we sometimes call a "bedroom producer," in that he self-produces his relatively basically-constructed music. Creating songs with simple drum patterns, plucky, but never-overly-complicated basslines, a couple of complementary synth melodies, and his distinctive baritone vocals, Oscar has made an album that, remarkably, transcends the sum of its parts.

Taking inspiration from classic British pop music sounds, from Morrissey and the Smiths, to Blur and Britpop, to his own parents' experiences in the late 70s pop-punk band the Regents, Oscar dashes through ten tracks that snap from hook to hook, ranging from mid-tempo ballads like "Fifteen" and the vaguely dubby "Only Friend" (featuring Marika Hackman on a lovely duet), to full-on pop juggernauts such as "Breaking My Phone" and the album's opener and single, "Sometimes." Top it all off with Oscar's witty vocals, and you've got a left-field candidate for earworm of the summer.

-Eric J. Lawrence


  1. Sometimes
  2. Be Good
  3. Feel It Too
  4. Good Things
  5. Only Friend (feat. Marika Hackman)
  6. Breaking My Phone
  7. Daffodil Days
  8. Fifteen
  9. Beautiful Words
  10. Gone Forever