Ozomatli: Place In The Sun

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If Los Lobos are the elder statesmen of LA's multi-ethnic music scene, Ozomatli are their younger, scrappier brother. And like all younger siblings, they grow up before you know it. Despite entering their 19th year, it seems impossible that their new album, Place in the Sun, is their 8th full-length. But it is, and it serves as a culmination of a career that includes participating in a TED Talk, releasing a kids album, writing a theme song for the Dodgers, headlining the Playboy Jazz fest, etc. 

Ozomatli's sound may now be more polished than in their early days (for example, the role of turntablist - a role fulfilled by Cut Chemist on early recordings - seems to have diminished), but it is no less subversive in its mix of Latin and reggae rhythms with hip-hop, electronic and straight-ahead pop stylings. The new record still brims with enough energy, collective spirit and infectious grooves that should make any Angelino proud to have them represent our fair city.  Viva Ozo!


Track List:

1. Place in the Sun
2. Brighter (feat. Dave Stewart)
3. Paleta (feat. Voces del Rancho)
4. Ready to Go
5. Prendida
6. Burn It Down
7. Tus Ojos
8. Only Love
9. Échale Grito
10. Time to Go

Photo courtesy of the artist