Ozomatli vs KCRW: Soundclash

OzoKCRWcover115.jpgKCRW Music Director Jason Bentley, Anthony Valadez, Aaron Byrd, Anne Litt and Tom Schnabel all remix songs from the collective's soon-to-be-released fifth studio album Fire Away. This is the second installment of the Soundclash series, where KCRW DJs take a turn  remixing a favorite, socially conscious artist. Femi Kuti vs KCRW (link to Femi Page) was released in 2009.

Ozomatli is a band that means so many different things to so many different people. To some, they are the voice of the voiceless. To others, they are the best live band in the world, blending a myriad of genres for one purpose – to make people dance.  Never have I heard a band capture the aesthetic of Los Angeles the way Ozomatli has. Like KCRW, they are a quintessential Los Angeles cultural institution.
KCRW DJ - Anthony Valadez

Preview the tracks from Ozomatli vs KCRW: Soundclash

1. Love Comes Down (Anne Litt remix)
2. 45 (Tom Schnabel remix)
3. Love Comes Down (Anthony Valadez remix)
4. Are You Ready (it’sAByrd’s Bundao remix)
5. Malagasy Shock (Jason Bentley remix)

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