Poolside: Pacific Standard Time

-- KCRW DJ, Travis Holcombe

With their debut album, Pacific Standard Time, the Los Angeles duo known as Poolside (né Filip Nikolic & Jeffery Paradise) have crafted the definitive "daytime disco" soundtrack to the laid back LA pool party experience.

After a releasing a steady stream of buzzworthy tracks on their Soundcloud page for the past year, including a brilliant reinvention of Neil Young's "Harvest Moon", and a brief tour in support of The Rapture, the duo hunkered down in their poolside studio (literally) and cranked out one of the most casually blissed-out, fully realized debuts in recent memory. Equal parts tropical pop, Fleetwood Mac and Balearic disco, Pacific Standard Time's shimmering synths, slo-mo bass grooves and gauzy vocals will instantly transport you to the sunny climes of an idealized Southern California afternoon where the faint wafts of suntan lotion, sweat and chlorine mix together with the distant patter of wet footsteps and beers being cracked open.

Of course, you don't have to be near a pool, nursing your favorite chilled beverage to truly appreciate Pacific Standard Time, so long as you can get to there in your mind. Poolside is here to help.

Pacific Standard Time is available to stream on demand from Monday, July 2 through July 16, 2012. Poolside is self-releasing the album on their Day & Night label on July 9th.

** NOTE: Poolside will be appearing alongside Chris Douridas as Guest DJs at the Hammer, part of the Made In L.A. Summer Nights music series. More info here.