Pop Levi: Medicine

-- By KCRW Music Librarian and DJ, Eric J. Lawrence

Pop Levi is one of those mercurial artists. He’s glammy (in a Marc Bolan sort of way). He’s cosmic (in a Sun Ra sort of way). He’s purple (in a Prince sort of way). Whatever adjectives you care to throw his direction are probably not enough to properly define this British-born, LA-based rocker. But the man knows his way around super catchy hooks, dozens (if not hundreds) of which are on display on Medicine, his third official solo album.
The album begins with a bang (or more accurately, with a shake) with his latest single, “Strawberry Shake.” Its insinuating groove properly sets the table for the musical shenanigans to follow, as they do in rapid fashion with such tracks as “Motorcycle 666,” “Police $ign,” “Midnite Runaround” and others. There are brief moments of respite from the riff barrage, such as on the more soulful ballad, “Bye-Byes.” But the foot-stomping, hand-clapping is never too far off. Or way out, as the case may be. Medicine makes for a musical journey that actually might require some tincture to straighten your head and ears out after listening. But it’s a trip worth taking.

Medicine will be available to stream on demand from Monday November 19 through November 26, 2012.