Quantic: Magnetica

There are few reliable things left in modern life, but Quantic is one of them. Just the mere mention of a new release from producer Will Holland makes all of us KCRW DJs salivate, knowing that we can count on him to put together an intriguing, multi-cultural mix of sounds. Thankfully, he's prolific, with a vast collection of various side-projects including the jazzy Combo Barbaro, his collaboration with acclaimed vocalist Alice Russell and the cumbia-flavored Ondatropica. His latest release is Magnetica, and it is his first album under the solo Quantic moniker in nearly eight years.

By using his basic name Holland signals that there won't be any overarching theme to the new record - in essence, anything goes. And the results are evident. His background as an electronic music producer comes to the fore on a number of songs, including the instrumental title track and the early focus track, "Duvido." Others bring in old friends, such as Russell and renowned arranger Miguel Atwood-Ferguson on "You Will Return" (unusually pairing Alice's soulful crooning with banjos). The Latin flavor that has pervaded most Quantic projects since his moving to Colombia seven years ago is still present in full force, such as on "Descarga Cuantica," which features legendary players Fruko and MichiSarmiento.  But Holland feels free to follow his voracious tastes, with influences drifting in from across the globe, from Ethiopia to Jamaica. It's a seductive mix and further proof that Quantic is a reliable go-to for the most dynamic music being released today.

-Eric J. Lawrence

Track List:

1. Magnetica
2. You Will Return feat. Alice Russell
3. Descarga Cuántica feat. Fruko & Michi Sarmiento
4. Duvidó feat. Pongo Love
5. Arada feat. Dereb The Amabassador
6. La Plata feat. Nidia Góngora
7. Sol Clap
8. Spark It feat. Shinehead
9. Caruru
10. La Callajera feat. Anibal Velásquez
11. Muévelo Negro feat. Nidia Góngora
12.  Águas De Sorongo feat. Thalma De Freitas
13. Painting Silhouettes

Photo courtesy of the artist