Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno: Dog With A Rope

Quantic, aka Will Holland, is a restless individual.  Born in the UK, he travels the globe with his music, although he now lives in Colombia.  His sound can’t be pinned down, incorporating funk, salsa, soul, reggae, jazz, bossa nova and dance music.  He has as many side projects as days of the week, and he has collaborated with artists ranging from Alice Russell to Mr. Scruff.  The one thing you can definitely say about him is that he always has his eye to future sounds.
His latest release is a return to his Flowering Inferno moniker, the tropical dub/reggae side project that debuted in 2008 with his acclaimed Death of the Revolution album.  Inspired by the soundsystem culture but widened out far beyond just reggae and dancehall styles, Dog With a Rope encompasses a heavy bass sound alongside the Tropical-flavored dance tunes from Cuba, Puerto Rico and Colombia.  Not merely content to ape the retro sounds of yesteryear, Quantic pushes classic genres forward with his progressive aesthetics, making an album that comfortably fits the ears of both the fans of the classics and those looking towards the future.
Featuring assistance from legendary guest musicians such as legendary Peruvian pianist Alfredito Linares, Jamaican born, UK based drummer Conrad Kelly, and Markittos Micolta, frontman for pioneering 60s/70s Colombian band Peregoyo y su Combo Vacana, Quantic digs deep on this new album.  On tracks like “Echate Pa’lla (Version),” “Dub Y Guaguanco” and the title cut, you too can take a whirlwind tour south of the border.  You may never stand still again.
Official artist website: http://www.quantic.org

Dog With A Rope will be available on-demand June 28 - July 27, 2010. Now available on pre-order.


If you'd like more insight into Quantic and both his personal history and recording process for this album - KCRW DJ Jeremy Sole sat down with him recently for a great interview. It's available here.

Track listing
1. Dog With A Rope
2. Dub Y Guaguanco
3. Swing Easy
4. Echate Pa'lla (Version)
5. Portada Del Mar
6. Cumbia Sobre El Mar
7. Te Picó El Yaibí (Version)
8. No Soy Del Valle
9. Echete Pa'lla
10. Te Picó El Yaibí