Rob Garza: Remixes


Like the cover song, the remix is an intriguing collaboration between two artistic forces: the creator of the original song and the one who reworks the piece.  Most remix albums tend to emphasize the original creator, such as an album of various producers interpretations of Bonobo, for example.  But every so often a producer of distinction will warrant the release of a collection of their remixes of various other artists' songs.   Rob Garza is one such producer.

One half of the legendary production team of Thievery Corporation, Garza was invited to work his magic of a parade of tunes from interesting and diverse artists.  Ranging from the electronic Latin sounds of Novalima to the gypsy punk of Gogol Bordello, these selections gave Garza a delicious patchwork quilt of music to start with.  While unified by his own talents as an artist in his own right, this collection gives a good scope to Garza's desire to experiment and stretch out a bit.  The final product hangs together as a full album quite nicely, while also catering to those fans who can't help but to try to pick a favorite reinterpretation. Here's your chance to pick your own favorite track among a rock-solid album's worth of potential cuts with one of this week's Album Preview!

-Eric J. Lawrence

Track List:

01. Ascension (Rob Garza Remix) - Tycho
02. Cherry Crush (feat. Lou Lou) (Rob Garza Remix) - Sunwolf
03. Give It All Up (Rob Garza Remix) - Afrolicious
04. Promises Are Never Far from Lies (Rob Garza Sunrise Remix) - AM & Shawn Lee
05. The System (feat. Capleton) (Rob Garza Remix) - Rob Garza
06. Through the Roof 'N' Underground (Rob Garza Remix) - Gogol Bordello
07. Vampires (Afrolicious & Rob Garza Remix) - Thievery Corporation
08. Tonight (feat. Sissy Clemens) (Rob Garza Remix) - Wax Poetic
09. Festejo (Rob Garza Remix) - Novalima
10. World Citizenship (Rob Garza Remix) - Sleepy Wonder
11. True Love (Rob Garza Remix) - Shana Halligan
12. No One (Rob Garza Remix) - Federico Aubele

Photo by Andrzej Liguz