Robot Koch: Hypermoment

We here in Los Angeles are proud to now be able to call Robot Koch as one of our own, having recently relocated to the Silver Lake area. The award-winning Berlin-bred electronic music composer has travelled the world with his music over the past 15 years, but LA now serves as a home base of inspiration. For his new album, Hypermoment, Robot is joined by a mix of veteran collaborators and some newcomers on the rise, offering up a dynamic mix of spacious, often-ethereal soundscapes that manage to remain sturdy and emotionally earthbound at the same time. Perfect chill-out music for your post-holiday shopping frenzies.

-Eric J. Lawrence


  1. Circles (feat. Curtain Blue and Delhia de France)
  2. Dreams (feat. Stephen Henderson)
  3. Kalimba (feat. Malte Beckenbach)
  4. Serenade
  5. Eclipse (feat. Julien Marchal)
  6. Spine (feat. Fassine)
  7. Separated (feat. Mree)
  8. Fernwood
  9. Dark Waves (feat. Delhia de France)
  10. Night Drive (feat. Schwarzmodul)
  11. Care (fear. Julien Marchal)