Sam Means: 10 Songs

Eight years since the dissolution of his previous band, The Format, Sam Means has struck out on his own and crafted one of the first great albums of 2016 with 10 Songs.

Means' versatility as a songwriter commands your attention throughout 10 Songs; from the Nilsson-esque baroque pop of "We're Alone" to the bouncy indie pop sounds of "Other Side of You," Means proves to be equally adept at evoking feelings of quiet intimacy and bopping around in your living room with friends.

There's a personal touch throughout 10 Songs that makes it feel like an album that's being sung and performed right in front of you. It's that empathic bond that Means creates that really draws you in - it did for me anyway. I hope you enjoy listening to 10 Songs as much as I did.

-Travis Holcombe


  1. How To Sing
  2. We're Alone
  3. Other Side Of You
  4. Taking It Back To Yesterday
  5. Last Goodnight
  6. Calina
  7. Sometimes
  8. All I Ever Wanted
  9. Bigger Heart
  10. Little Dude