Scooter Island: Scooter Island EP

Being a music supervisor for a critically-acclaimed TV show is one of those dream jobs hardcore music fans aim for. New York producer and DJ Matt FX Feldman has achieved this goal, having worked on the shows Broad City, SKINS, and the Amy Poehler-produced project, Difficult People. Some would chill and savor such success, but not Feldman. He's taken it to the next level, orchestrating his own musical project, Scooter Island, which features over 20 vocalists, producers & visual artists, and their self-titled debut EP dabbles with a gamut of sonic flavors typical of a music supervisor's omnivorous tastes. Bouncing between Jose Gonzalez-esque smooth, tropical vibes on "Breezy," the sheer sonic attitude of "#NOTYOURS," and the natural ambient sounds that drift throughout the EP's epic, blissful concluding track, "Like We Always Dreamed Of," Scooter Island covers a lot of ground in a mere five tracks, making for a island destination well worth visiting.

-Eric J. Lawrence


  1. Snap Out Of It (feat. S'natra & Synead)
  2. #NOTYOURS (feat. Junglepussy)
  3. Breezy (feat. Zoe Penina)
  4. We Could Smoke (feat. Synead & Salomon Faye)
  5. Like We Always Dreamed Of