Seu Jorge and Almaz

cover.jpgBrazilian singer/songwriter Seu Jorge probably first came to the attention of US citizens through his acting work.  He appeared in the Oscar-nominated Brazilian film, City of God in 2002 and then in Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou two years later.  It was in The Life Aquatic that most of us first heard him sing, as his character would strum David Bowie songs on his guitar throughout the film (sung in Portuguese, naturally)  It then became clear he was a musician well worth noting as well.

After a series of acclaimed solo albums, Jorge has teamed up with members of the cutting edge Mangue Beat group Nacao Zumbi, as well as with bassist and film score composer Antonio Pinto, to form a new group called Almaz.  Together Jorge and his compatriots create a new flavor of samba music, combining the sensuous rhythms of traditional samba with heavier, more psychedelic sounds.  With the help of Beastie Boys producer (and fellow Brazileiro) Mario C., Almaz reinterpret a series of songs that have influenced them through the years, ranging from famous songs of their homeland to international pop classics, such as tunes from Kraftwerk, Roy Ayers and Michael Jackson.

From the passionate album opener, “Errare Humanum Est,” to Seu Jorge & Almaz’s unique take on Kraftwerk’s “The Model,” to the groovy rocker “Girl You Move Me,” this brooding collection of songs provides a fascinating trip down to the edgier and steamier side of Brazil.

Seu Jorge & Almaz will be available on-demand July 19 - August 17, 2010. The CD will be released Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Track listing
1. Errare Humanum Est
2. The Model
3. Cristina
4. Saudosa Bahia
5. Cirandar
6. Tempo De Amor
7. Everybody Loves The Sunshine
8. Pai Joao
9. Rock With You
10. Cala Boca, Menino
11. Girl You Move Me
12. Juizo Final