Simian Mobile Disco: Delicacies

coverNo one can accuse 2010 of being a lazy year for Simian Mobile Disco.  After the success of last-year's full-length Temporary Pleasure, the British duo decided to eschew the pop-leanings of that album and focus on a series of epic, instrumental techno 12" singles released throughout this year on their own imprint, Delicacies.  With dance music fan's ears still ringing from these mammoth Molotov cocktails of wax, Simian Mobile Disco is collecting these tracks on a digital-only full-length, simply entitled Delicacies on the Wichita label.
Each track title offers the name of an exotic culinary delicacy discovered by the duo on their world tour, however with the shortest jam clocking in at 7:09, these are less finger foods and more 7-course meals... drinks and whatever other mind-altering substances included.  The album as a whole is an unrelenting techno tour-de-force, a wobbly high-wire dance that occasionally plummets into a cavernous abyss, only to bounce back up higher than before.
"Skin Cracker" rides a twitchy thump like a silver surfboard, while the darker "Haraki" sounds like a serial killer running loose in the club.  The flickering beat that introduces the colossal "Sweetbread" is a mere spark that inevitably ignites a 9:36 wildfire.  Simian Mobile Disco knows how to play the spaces against the rushes and Delicacies can curl you up into a claustrophobic ball right before it shoots you out of a cannon.
-- Dan Wilcox, KCRW Music Host


Delicacies will be available to stream on-demand from November 22 through December 21, 2010. The album will be available for purchase November 30, 2010.

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Track listing
1. Aspic
2. Nerve Salad
3. Casu Marzu
4. Thousand Year Egg
5. Skin Cracker
6. Hákarl
7. Sweetbread
8. Ortolan