Stereolab: Not Music

cover.jpgI'm sure I wasn't the only fan disappointed when UK band Stereolab announced their indefinite hiatus in 2009. It's a natural, expected reaction when our small joys are in some way cut off, discontinued; like the local mom and pop diner that had the exclusive French toast recipe with home made syrup that can't be found anywhere else. That type of thing just bites. Same most definitely applies to music.
Stereolab has been creating dreamy, buoyant synth-pop since they began in the early 1990's, lead consistently by producer Tim Gane and vocalist Laetitia Sadier. My conversation with world wide Stereolab fans over the years has revolved around the fact that Tim and Laetitia have been able to evolve, experiment, and push with a steady, mellow stroll; as if they're guiding their fans through a maze of intricate beauty, color, and past inspiration in order to introduce their own unique, ambitious style. They're noted for taking cues from 1970's krautrock, 1960's pop, lounge, and assorted experimental pop. Coupled with their affinity for vintage electronic keyboards, they continue to have a sound all their own.
Their music soars, swims, and bounces. Every record has been somewhat refreshing. They truly have to be one of our generation's most remarkable, intriguing bands. Upon receiving word of a new studio recording a while back, I was elated at the prospect. Now that my ears are soaking up the sounds, I am just plain happy. This new record is another solid effort from the Stereolab posse and I expect I'll be playing select cuts for some time. The new reading material accompanying the advance copy mentions Tim's 2007 experiment involving a new way of writing -- little drum loops placed over improvised chord sequences played on piano or vibraphone. The 11 new tracks that comprise Not Music were part of that exercise. And a good exercise it was.

Thank you Stereolab and God bless you!
-- Garth Trinidad, KCRW Music Host

 Not Music will be available On-Demand from November 08 through November 21, 2010.

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1. Everybody's Weird Except Me
2. Supah Jaianto
3. So Is Cardboard Clouds
4. Equivalences
5. Leleklato Sugar
6. Silver Sands
7. Two Finger Symphony
8. Delugeoise
9. Laserblast
10. Sun Demon
11. Aelita
12. Pop Molecules [Molecular Pop]
13. Neon Beanbag