Superhuman Happiness: Escape Velocity

Brooklyn-based dance-rockers Superhuman Happiness are led by singer/songwriter/arranger Stuart Bogie, who has dabbled with a slew of today's top indie-rock bands, including Arcade Fire, Antibalas, TV on the Radio and numerous others. This wide experience can't help but influence his own band's work. But as their sophomore record, Escape Velocity, reveals, Superhuman Happiness are their own beast, establishing a reputation of cutting-edge indie-pop that has a surprising amount of heft to it.

Bogie has gathered a trio of partners, as well as guest spots from saxophonist Colin Stetson, violinist Sarah Neufeld and drummer Joe Russo, to make the record, and all parts work together seamlessly, with danceable rhythms, melodic vocal lines and the kinds of distinctive bells and whistles that keep things fresh. Most songs top off over the five-minute mark, giving them room to grow and insinuate their crafty vibes into the listeners ears, inspiring both the need to dance as well as a desire to listen again to catch all the details one might have missed on prior listenings. Thankfully, as one of our Album Previews this week, you're welcome to listen all you want (and we won't even stop you from dancing!).

-Eric J. Lawrence


  1. VHS
  2. Middle Ground
  3. Super 8
  4. Date & Time
  5. Drawing Lines
  6. Catch A Break
  7. Cannonball